Creating Lasting

Behavior Change

WellFitness for Individuals
Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight? Do you have a chronic disease like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or heart disease? Do you need tips on how to manage your stress? Do you need to quit smoking? We're here to help you make lasting healthy behavior change to help you be proud of the way you look and feel.
We're all about using evidence-based techniques to help you achieve optimal health. We'll guide you on your journey to better health with our:
  • Virtual personal training
  • Personalized health coaching
  • Online competitions and challenges
  • Weekly tasks with the opportunity to earn points and cash them in for prizes
  • Health coaches who will provide accountability and support
  1. Recruiting and Retention
    The average cost of replacing an employee is $15,000 to $25,000.

  2. Decrease Presenteeism
    A disengaged employee can cost your company 85% more in lost productivity than their engaged peers.

  3. Reduce Healthcare Costs
    Chronic diseases which are often preventable account for 86% of healthcare costs.

  4. Promotes Culture of Wellbeing
    78% of employers offer wellness programs that encompass more than just physical health.

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“It’s nice to have a companion of sorts to share that growing experience with me and celebrate my progress. It’s hard to see a difference day to day or even week to week, but when you have someone who is there with you from day one and validating the changes you are making… it can really put everything together.”
- Danielle W.