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Wellness Bingo

Participants receive a bingo card with different wellness tasks on each square. Anyone who gets “Bingo” will be entered into a raffle for a prize. The first to get “blackout” wins and also receives a prize.


10 At a Time

An exercise is assigned to each day of the month. For every 10 reps completed throughout the day, 1 point is awarded. The person or team with the most points at the end of the month wins.


Hike to Everest

Mt. Everest is 29,028 feet high and is a 62.5 mile trek from base camp to summit on the south ridge route. Participants climb the equivalent height of Mount Everest in 3 months' time. This is done by walking or hiking 62.5 miles or climbing 2,903 flights of stairs.


Biggest Loser

The duration of the challenge is over a 3 month period. All participants are divided into teams of 4, or can compete individually. Participants who lose the greatest percentage of weight or total body fat, win.


Home Run Derby

In this challenge, participants keep track of the minutes exercised for one month, focusing on getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per session. The minutes of exercise  done in a day determines which base they run to. At the end of the month, the wellness coach calculates the number of home runs each participant earned and the participant with the most home runs wins.


Truck Across America

America is about 3,000 miles wide. A mile of running, swimming, and biking earns participants a specified amount of miles travelled in their “truck.” Every 200 miles, a fitness or nutrition challenge or “pit stop” must be completed. The first participant or team to get 3,000 miles and complete the pit stops, wins.


Behavior Change Challenge

This challenge runs for 30 days. A variety of healthy behaviors are assigned values and points are summed into a total at the end of the month. The participant with the most points, wins.


Beat the Boss (or Wellness Coach)

Employees compete against the boss (or wellness coach) in a different category each week. The categories for each week include: minutes of physical activity, hours of sleep, servings of fruits and veggies, ounces of water. For each category that they beat the boss, their name is entered into a drawing for a prize.


Passport to Wellness

This challenge runs for 3 months. Participants complete different activities in each of the 7 dimensions of wellness to earn points. To earn a point, participants must take a picture of themselves completing the activity. Pictures are collected and posted and the individuals who earn the most points earn a prize.


1,000 in 30

Participants have 30 days to complete 1,000 reps of an exercise, or other wellness activity. There are different categories participants can choose from. For example, if a participant does not want to do a physical exercise, they can choose from social or intellectual wellness tasks. At the end of the month, anyone who successfully completes 1,000 reps wins a prize.


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