Prevention or Prescriptions?

Your employee Jane visits her doctor who diagnoses her with hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, or any one of a number of conditions. He prescribes a medication, tells her she needs to lose weight, and sends her on her way. But when she returns home, she has doesn't know where to start and feels lost.

Or maybe she has her annual check up and her doctor tells her that she’s healthy. However, she still feels tired, unmotivated, and knows that she could feel better. She leaves the doctor’s office and heads back to work feeling discouraged and frustrated.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Making lifestyle changes that can prevent and manage chronic disease and improve quality of life take time, and a lot of effort. A primary care physician can only do so much in a 10 minute visit every 6 months. Wellness coaching bridges the gap between doctor visits and everyday life.

A wellness coach will help employees find the best approach to fitting a physician’s recommendations into daily life. For employees already feeling healthy, why not kick it up a notch? Wellness coaches can help them push themselves to become their best.

So why have this in a corporate setting? Lifestyle coaching can be effective in managing and even preventing chronic health conditions, leading to a healthier, happier, and ultimately more productive workforce. And with skyrocketing health insurance costs, managing these conditions is essential to reducing health claims that drive up costs year after year.

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