6 Onsite Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged in your Wellness Program

Digital wellness platforms have increased in popularity in recent years. This technology makes participating convenient and gives remote employees a way to participate. But all too often, companies rely only on their digital platform and forget how valuable onsite activities can be. Onsite activities help raise awareness about the wellness program, promote peer interaction, increase engagement, and add variety.

1. Post Leaderboards

If your wellness vendor offers digital challenges, create a leaderboard to post in a public area like a cafeteria, break room, or lobby. This adds a fun, competitive element to the challenge and is a good physical reminder to get online and participate.

2. Organize or subsidize a 5k, 10k, or half marathon

One of the best team building activities I have witnessed in a corporate setting was at a company who subsidized the cost of a race. Employees were offered the option to participate in a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon. A few months before the race, the company hosted a training kick off that energized employees and provided training programs for each race distance. Each month leading up to the race, employees attended lunch and learns about race day nutrition, avoiding race day mistakes, and a local shoe store owner came to help racers find the right shoe. Everyone participating in the race also got a company t-shirt to wear on race day. After the race, a meeting was held with highlights of the event with a picture slideshow. Everyone encouraged one another and held each other accountable for sticking to their training plan.

3. Employee-led Lunch and Learns

Do you have wellness or fitness superstars in your office? You may be surprised at your employee’s hidden talents and interests. Ask one of these knowledgeable and experienced wellness gurus to be the speaker a lunch and learn. Hearing from peers can be a great way to pique interest in wellness.

4. Yoga Class

Yoga is something that almost everyone can participate in. Fitness classes are also fun, but since many employees don’t like to get sweaty during the work day, yoga is a great class to hold at the office. Hire a yoga professional, or if funds are tight, simply put on a yoga DVD and follow along together.

5. Relaxation Room

Have a room that is dedicated to relaxation. This can be a place where employees can go for 5-15 minutes to de-stress. It can be as simple as having dim lights and relaxing music. A long couch to lay down on is also ideal.

6. Wellness Library

Are there books that have helped you on your wellness journey? Do you want to share them with others? Start a wellness library! This can be a whole room or even just a bookshelf. Some recommendations to get you started are:

Both books are great resources that teach you how to make healthy behaviors easier to adopt and keep.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Have you done other things that have been successful? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts!

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