The 5 Types of Employees who Do (and Don't) Want Wellness Coaching

Are you considering offering wellness coaching as part of your wellness program? Here are five common types of employees we meet with, along with why these same types of employees sometimes don't participate in coaching.

  1. The Athlete: Athletes who skip wellness coaching feel like they don’t need help to reach their wellness goals. They are happy with the status of their physical wellness. What they fail to realize is that wellness is much more than just physical! Athletes who participate in wellness coaching are continually looking for ways to improve and ensure that they don’t fall into a rut. They also recognize that they can always learn new things and benefit from someone holding them accountable to reach their goals. Professional athletes are at the top of the game and they still have a coach. The Athlete realizes the same holds true for them.

  1. The Couch Potato: The Couch Potato who avoids wellness coaching knows they need to change but don’t know where to start. The journey back to being well is overwhelming and honestly, maybe even a little scary. They know it’s going to take dedication and work and aren’t sure they are ready for that. The Couch Potato who comes to wellness coaching is tired of feeling overweight, having low energy, and eating poorly. They are ready to take on the challenge of changing unhealthy behaviors one at a time. They take advantage of wellness coaching to weed out diet myths, ask questions, and get social support.

  2. The Once a Weeker: Once a Weekers exercise once a week and convince themselves that they are doing enough for their health. Often bogged down by excuses they have told themselves for years, they don’t want wellness coaching because they already know what they should be doing, they just have a lot of “good” reasons why they aren’t doing it. They’ll get back into a healthy routine next month when (fill in the blank.) But let’s be real, how often does that actually happen? The Once a Week-er who meets with their wellness coach recognizes the barriers that keep them from stepping up their efforts. They turn to their coach for barrier-busting ideas, help finding their true motivation to get healthy, and suggestions on how to make healthy habits a little easier.

  1. The Out of Towner: The Out of Towner travels a lot on business. It’s difficult for them to be healthy because their routine gets off track when they are traveling. Their hotel may or may not have a workout facility, they work long hours and are dog tired by the time they get back to the hotel, and they are constantly wining and dining clients, racking up the calories. The Out of Towner feels like they have little control of their schedule. Besides, they usually aren’t even in town during wellness coaching. Out of Towners who participate in wellness coaching know that they can talk to their coach any time via email or a simple phone call! They have made their wellness a high priority so they find ways to do exercises in their hotel room, even with no equipment or little time. With tips from their coach, they know how to make healthy selections from a restaurant menu, without feeling deprived.

  1. The Out of Timer: The Out of Timers are so busy! They work full time, often over 40 hours, have a family to take care of, and responsibilities in their community. They are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else, their wellness gets forgotten. They are tired, stressed, and won’t be able to continue as they are forever. They fail to recognize that if they don’t take time for their wellness, pretty soon they won’t have time for anything else either. It’s amazing how much time it takes to be chronically stressed. Since it leads to weight gain, depression, and other chronic diseases, time gets swept away in doctor’s appointments and disease management. The Out of Timers who come to wellness coaching recognize that everyone has the same amount of time. 24 hours each day. They know that organizing their time is a game of juggling their priorities. With help from their coach, they are skilled at using their time effectively and squeezing in workouts on a regular basis. They know that taking a little extra time to focus on stress management techniques and meal prep for the week will yield huge returns in the future. They don’t beat themselves up if their schedule gets away from them every now and then, but they know what their priorities are and always get back on track.


Do you have employees who sound like any of those people mentioned above? They can benefit from a wellness coach! Contact us today to see how WellFitness can incorporate coaching into your wellness program.

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